Brazil probably has more different types of wildlife than anywhere else in the world, especially in the Amazon Rainforest. Here are some of the plants and animals you could find.

external image Palenque_13_Red_Heliconia_Pendula.jpg

Red Helicona

The Red Helicona is a small plant found in the Amazon also in other rainforests in Brazil. The Red Helicona has a sunset colour and also has red petals that stick out. The unique flower is attached to a tree. The Helicona is sometimes confused with the names, Helicon, Heliconius and the Helliconia, which are all different plants with similar names. It is a very pretty flower and is picked to be sold by tradesmen or florists.

external image collared-peccary--pecari-tajacu-pekari-2.jpg


The peccary (also known as the javelina) looks like a hairy pig but smaller! The peccary's body is covered in either black, grey or brown fur and it has a small tail. Peccaries weigh 40 to 60 pounds and their legs are quite long compared to normal pigs'. They have bad eye sight but have a good sense of smell! Peccaries are omnivores, eating mostly fruits, bulbs, beans, tubers and seeds, although snails are also on the menu! Peccaries roll in mud and water to cool down when it is hot, and are good at seeing in the dark because they are nocturnal.

external image Tropical_Silver_Dollar_Fish.jpg

Silver Dollar Fish

The Silver Dollor fish is shaped like a piranha fish and has silver scales. Its face is surprisingly small but they have very vicious teeth. The body is big but it has tiny eyes! The silver dollar fish gets its name from America, although in Peru it is know as the palometa. This fish is endangered because it is often caught by fishermen and others who fish for a hobby. Brazilians love this fish and think it is surprisingly delicious. Despite being related to the piranha, it is harmless and only eats small insects, other fish and sea plants.