Brazil is a popular place to go on holiday: 181,000 people visited in 2008.
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The east coast is popular because of all the wonderful beaches (there are over 2000!) and warm climate. Unlike Britain, beaches in Brazil do not have pebbles - they are all sandy.


The larger cities are very popular with tourists, especially in the southeast, where there is the most money. The capital city is Brasilia but there are other, larger cities including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Sao Paulo is a very large city, with over 11 million people living there (compared to 7.5 million in London).

Wildlife and geography

The Amazon Rainforest is an amazing place to explore, and scientists think it has more wildlife than anywhere else in the world. In addition, the high land in the central west region of Brazil is known for its beautiful plants, flowers and animals. Further south, the Iguazu Falls are a stunning set of waterfalls in a horseshoe-shaped piece of rock over 1.5 miles wide, that many people say are more impressive than Niagara Falls.

Iguazu Falls