The Amazon is a river that runs through the northern part of Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean, and is the second longest in the world (the longest is The Nile). It is over 4,000 miles (6,500km) long, which is huge compared to the River Thames in England (215 miles or 344km long).

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Because the river collects rain water from such an enormous area (called the Amazon Basin), it gets very wide as it gets closer to the sea. In the wet season, parts of it can be 120 miles wide and where it meets the sea it is 205 miles wide. Further away from the sea it is not so wide but no bridges have ever been built across it, mainly because there aren't many people living nearby who need a bridge!

The weather is always hot and wet, and a thick forest called the Amazon Rainforest covers the area. Some people live there but not many, and scientists think there is more wildlife in the rainforest than anywhere else in the world.