Brazilian homes can be very different depending upon which part of the country you are in, mostly because of the climate. The weather can make it difficult to build villages or grow crops, so those parts of the country don't have as many people and are poorer. However, all over Brazil, houses are more open than in England because the weather is always warmer than it is here.
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The Amazon Basin

The north part of the country, where the Amazon river flows, is almost completely covered with the Amazon Rainforest. Not many people live there because it is difficult to build houses and there are very few roads (although the river itself is also used for transport). There are some towns and even cities but a few people still live in tribes in jungle villages.

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The northeast

The northeast part of Brazil has some big cities but because the weather is so hot, many areas are like deserts and very poor, so homes can be very small. Many people from these areas travel south, where it is richer, in search of jobs.

Sao Paulo, a rich city
Sao Paulo, a rich city

The south

The southern part of the country is the richest part and homes are similar to European and American ones (because lots of moved to this area from Europe and America, bringing their culture and building styles with them). In the city centres, the most common buildings are apartments (flats) but elsewhere, people live in houses. In the countryside, the houses are more like farmhouses.

A slum
A slum

Many people travel to the south to look for jobs but there are not enough jobs for them all, so some people end up living in very poor areas called slums. Homes in slums are usually made of wood (or even cardboard) and usually do not have running water or sewers.