Brazil has a tropical climate so it is usually warm, and people can wear light, cool clothing on hot days. Some hats have the Brazilian flag on them.

Light clothing
Light clothing
A flag on a hat
A flag on a hat


Clothes are very expensive in Brazil - more expensive than in England - so some people do not have many outfits. People give clothes as presents because they are so highly valued, and when children become too big for their clothes, they are handed on to younger brothers, sisters or friends.

Eco-friendly clothing

Brazilian jewellery is important to complete the look for Brazilian people (including the boys). Whereas people in cities may wear the most expensive jewellery they can afford, in the jungle, necklaces are made from nuts, coconut shells and whatever they can find on the jungle floor. The whole family help to make new pieces of jewellery for everyone, which can also become a great family gathering, and a chance for older people to pass their skills down to the young.

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Big brands

One of the biggest brands in Brazil is Valentino, which is actually Italian. Valentino is, however, not using locally sourced fabrics but importing them from the other side of the world, which is strange considering there are so many farmers in Brazil.
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Chanel, like Valentino, doesn't use locally sourced fabrics and imports them from different countries. Chanel is a shop that we also have in Britain, and is the most expensive Brazilian shoe and handbag shop. Coco Chanel invented the brand 'Chanel', and she is in fact not Brazilian but French.


Treebraids are the big thing in Brazil and most ladies wear them. However if you don't have tree braids then you would probably have Brazilian weaves. They both last for 2 - 4 months in thick hair.


Shoes are really popular in the big cities of Brazil. Christan Louboutin is just one of the big shoe shops in Brazil, and prehaps the best. He has got the world biggest shoe store in the world.

Wedding dresses and suits

In Brazil the grooms' suits are similar to ours: sometimes dark colours like black or grey, or sometimes a lovely pale colour, such as beige or white. The wedding dresses are long flowing gowns very much like our dresses here in England. The dresses are very decorative with sequins and embroidery, and can be tight or loose.
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Uniforms and symbols

The police wear a uniform a bit like in England, with a hat, jacket, badge and black shoes.

The school uniform in Brazil is different for each school, just like here. Because the weather is warmer, they would only wear a thin jumper or cardigan on cold days.
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Most of the people in Brazil are Catholics, which is a form of Christianity, so some people wear a cross on a necklace or brooch.

Traditional clothing

In the Amazon, native Amerindians wear traditional tunics and paint their faces. They make use of beads and feathers to decorate themselves. They are known for their unique hairstyles and body painting. However, these days, many native Americans now have a modern clothing. They are fond of coloruful, beaded necklaces and bracelets.

In the cities of Brazil, most people prefer modern clothing. Young men wear jeans and T-shirts. Short skirts and dresses are very popular among women. Due to the large amount of beautiful beaches, beachwear is a very popular clothing in Brazil.

Kaiapo Indians in the Brazilian Amazon
Kaiapo Indians in the Brazilian Amazon