Brazil has "real" and "centavos" instead of pounds and pennies. Real is usually written "R$" and centavos (or cents) are usually written "c". Just like 100 pence make a pound (£1 = 100p), 100 cents make a real (R$1 = 100c). If you went to a bank to change English money into real, you would get 1 real for every 38p. This means 1 cent is worth 0.38p, just under half a penny.

Types of jobs

Working class jobs (where people work with their hands) in Brazil include:
  • Agriculture (farming): see food and farming in Brazil
  • Mining (digging things up from underground): gold and other metals
  • Manufacture (making things): electrical equipment, aircraft, cars and clothes
  • Tourism (looking after people who come to Brazil for a holiday): see tourism in Brazil
  • Fashion: People from Brazil are often employed as models because of their dark skin

Wages and unemployment

Most people with jobs in Brazil earn between R$500 and R$2000 per month (between about £190 and £760 per month). Most people with jobs in the UK earn about twice this amount. However, many things cost less in Brazil so most people have enough money to survive comfortably.

About 7% of people in Brazil do not have jobs. This is called being unemployed. In the UK, nearly 8% of people are unemployed. Many people in Brazil move to the large cities in the southeast (such as Sao Paulo) to look for work but there are not enough jobs for all of them so some end up living in very poor areas called slums.